Why now?

On 3rd July 2018 the Government opened a consultation about proposals to change the Gender Recognition Act 2004. The consultation ends on 19th October.

The proposals include “gender self-identification” which would have dangerous unintended consequences for women and girls which the Government has completely misunderstood and/or overlooked.

“Gender self-ID” would remove equality rights from every woman in the country if it became law. The Government has been relentlessly lobbied by groups representing “equalities” activists, especially by trans-activists in recent years. It even pays them grants under “equalities” legislation. Fair Play For Women is working with other women and parent groups to draw attention to the consequences of letting any Tom, Dick or Harry “change gender” with no medical checks. The dangers include:

  • Sexual offenders claiming to be “transitioning” to “become women” are already taking advantage of the uncertainty in the law to seek access to women’s prisons. They would have a right of access.
  • Voyeurs use phones on “selfie” sticks to take “upskirting” photos in unisex changing rooms, especially in swimming pools. They would have unfettered access.
  • The Girl Guides don’t know what to do about “trans-girls”, i.e. confused boys.
  • Women’s sport is in a mess at professional level from “transwomen” like weight-lifter “Laurel” Hubbard, and others.
  • Jennifer James’s campaign against the Labour Party: “Keep all women’s short-lists female”.
  • Prizes for women in the professions or the arts would be claimed by men….The list of unintended effects goes on.
  • Eventually there would be a “freeze” of the freedom of women to go about in public and participate in public affairs.

The Gender Recognition Act 2004 created the legal fiction that it is possible to “change sex”. This legislation was controversial at the time, but was the Government’s response to a decision of the European Court of Human Rights  (Christine Goodwin). It is of course a “white lie” to ease the feelings of those suffering from the serious mental condition “gender dysphoria”. Of course GD sufferers need our compassion and support, but this must not come at the expense of the SEX rights of women.

Fair Play For Women have produced a 16-page guide to completing the Consultation.
The deadline is 19th October 2019. Please hurry!